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Thoughts on MBTI Dependancy

What I have come to realize over hours spent on hundreds of webpages, forums, blogs and articles discussing MBTI is that most of those who are very invested in their type and typing others is that they become dependent on their type and often attribute the cause of their actions/decisions/faults/successes on their type.

I feel like this is a fundamental fault in the Meyers-Briggs community. What decides your type is ultimately you. You are not born into a type, it is your decisions and your experiences that shape your preferences, shape your type. I am not saying that you can decide to change your type at will, as I believe that you fundamentally prefer certain things from a very young age that will carry through the rest of your life.

What I am saying is that Meyers-Briggs is not a cause for any sort of behaviour or thoughts. It is a language created to discuss the fundamental differences and similarities between people: how we see the world, how we interact in this world and how we react to this world. It is to blame for your inability to interact socially or see the objective side of a situation. It is simply a means to explore who you are in a new light that could prove to be difficult without the terms needed for the task. It is a way to think about how others minds work in a more intimate way than many other psychological methods, especially for enthusiasts who flock the internet forums.

My point is that you are not a certain way because you are an ESFJ or an INTP. You are a type because you are you.

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